I have always enjoyed photography, but after birthing my son, who long story short is the definition of a living and breathing miracle, my passion exploded!!!

Now the mother of two, I started noticing things. I noticed what a gift life is and how quickly it proceeds. Suddenly my daughter who was always the baby, was no longer. She had grown right before my eyes into not only a big sister, but a loving, kind, beautiful, and extremely helpful young lady. 

Her brother had grasped my heart and attention too. He had dimples just like his sister! He had these extremely long envious eyelashes, and blue eyes like his mama.

I realized in these early infant stages that he wouldn't look like this forever, just as quickly as his sister had changed he was doing the same thing and at that point I decided it was time to grab the camera. It was time to start documenting all these precious moments that wouldn't last for long.

How I rediscovered my passion:

I first began by attempting his newborn photos and I loved every minute of it! I grew this desire to take a picture at any moment possible. Then came the research, the webinars and classes, the camera gear, and the love!!! Oh how I love this! I thrive on documenting moments experienced. By doing this I am now able to look back on this art and notice how their hair has darkened, how one dimple (on both children I might add) has lightly faded but the other is still strong as can be! How a gummy smile quickly turned into a mouth full of chompers. This is my passion, this is my heart and soul!

Now you know why I do what I do, why I enjoy and love it to its core. My hope is that everyone can have documented art of their loved ones and their significant moments...

because every moment is significant!