Time to

Steps of connecting with your photog:

Step 1: Visually connect...

Step 2: Personally connect...

- Do my look books call to you?
- Do you love my style (interaction and organic vs perfectly posed)?
- How about my editing preferences?
- Do my portraits speak to you and have you wanting more?

- can make you feel comfortable
- can make you laugh
- can bring out your inner diva or divo (is that a thing?)

If you answered yes to all the above then keep on reading my friend because we just made that first connection!

I have my ways so you if you are fine with crazy prompts and following directions then I truly feel I am your gal, with that said contact me below and we can start doing the dang thang!

Why is this important? Well if you love modeling and can rock it then it may not be but if you are not at home when being photographed then you want someone who...

five fun facts:

1. I loooove kids. I have one of each and if I didn't have such scary ass pregnancies I would have 10 more!
2. I reeeeally like chai tea latte's!
3. I'm obsessed with golden hour!
4. Laughter makes me happy!!!!
5. Mtn. Dew is my downfall and we have a love/hate relationship (more love than hate though unfortunately) 

Want to book? Have questions? Let’s chat!


Congrats! You are well on your way to documenting life as it happens and I am so excited to connect with you. I will be in contact oh so soon!

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