Hey babezzz,
it's Jaela!

(pronounced Jay-lah)

Have I always been destined to be a photographer?

I like to think so but it certainly wasn't the plan. Like many others I loved photography as a child but didn't rediscover that love until my last semester of college after giving birth to my rainbow/nicu baby. As soon as I wrapped up schooling I dove head first into photography and soon learned I wanted to document it all and not miss a beat. 

MEET Jaela
MEET Jaela
MEET Jaela

Jaela, the crazy blonde behind this bad ass biz with a foul mouth and a deep love for chai tea latte’s! 

Photographer? No! Storyteller? Yup!

Fun Fact

-I'm a germaphobe but still weirdly messy AF. I wash my hands like it's going out of style but have the messiest car around… please don’t look, just trust me on this! 

My Fave part  of a session

When in the midst of a newborn session, there comes this moment when your baby melts in my hands, I get to be a baby whisperer and it makes me feel alive!!! Then there are times during a family session when your child needs nothing more than to feel your arms holding them tight, these moments are so damn tender it’s almost a crime not to capture them. Now for the contradiction… I THRIVE in chaos… I have a love for real-life messy moments.

When your children can’t sit still and they feel the need to show off their personalities by running, laughing and being all-around goofballs that’s when I’m really able to let loose and have fun. I freaking love this, it's real and true. How could I pick which moments mean the most? And honestly who the hell am I to do so? Ya feel me? ALL your moment's matter so let me do my thang and capture them. The best part of me being a walking contradiction is it doesn’t matter how your babies act or what mood they are in because I love it all and I am here to document the heck out of it for ya!

- The chaos AND the calm. 

Things I love

in no particular order:



- Being a mom and stealing snuggles from my babes.

Or yours during a newborn session cause lets be honest I totally do it for the snuggles!

- Freckles, dimples and curls… they get me every time and I mean EVERY DAMN TIME!!!

- A smile so big it wrinkles your nose, is there any smile better than that?

- Shopping at Target, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby… any will do as long as I have an Oregon chai in hand.

- Educating/Helping others. I took my biz from side hustle to full blown living my dream. I love to help others gain perspective on how to do that for themselves

- Earrings, I love earrings, especially a good hoop, but I HATE bracelets. I'm crazy weird sis!

Rumor has it… 


Jaela has done multiple family sessions for us and each time she blows me away. Her work is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the raw real moments she’s able to capture. She has such a sweet soul that makes taking family pictures a breeze!

- Kylie

Jaela is an absolute master at taking newborn photos. Every photo was unique and of the highest quality. The experience of watching her work with my baby was so special. She was so patient and gentle with my baby, demonstrating her skill and expertise. I look forward to future photos with Jaela!

- Meagan

She was outstanding with my whole family, my daughters adored her and she kept up with my step son! If you’re looking for a photographer that exceeds your expectations in every way, shape and form, Jaela is your gal!

- Skye