Based in Montana, serving Arizona and storytelling wherever needed, always down for some travel and hell yes to a road trip!

Your Story Is Magical, Beautiful And Real…
Let Me Help You Tell It!

FOR the ones who love

Bold & Emotional Storytelling

I am in it for the long haul babes. Specializing in Maternity, Newborns, and Families, not by chance but by choice.

Call me your personal memory keeper, your #1 hype chick, your new lifelong friend, reminding you of how your body created a miracle and looked hella sexy while doing so.

I am here for it all and I give a damn about you and your memories! 

Telling the story of your new baby’s pea pod toes and button nose all the way to and through the growth of their snuggles, toddler tantrums, endless energy and teenage attitudes.

Jaela here and guess what?
My give a damn is NOT   busted!

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Bring your messy, your wild, your real, your raw and allow me to show you how beautiful it is.

About The Stories I Tell


Family & Maternity



What moments make you feel alive?

I am the photog for you if:

  • You want this season of life to never be forgotten
  • You appreciate genuine moments and life as it happens
  • You embrace a moody child with love and a wild child with laughter
  • You are willing to step outside of your comfort zone and embrace a storytelling session
  • You DO NOT strive for perfection and understand stiff poses with perfect smiles are a thing of the past, bye felicia!

Sound like you? Then let’s seal the deal and make some magic happen! 

I wanna capture the hell outta those!!!!

I got you boo, I will be there for you through the booking, the planning, the session and long after!

Check out these FAQ’s to feel confident in your investment and trusting of our journey together!

Still apprehensive?


 I  want to make you feel something… come explore my art!

Rumor has it… 


Jaela has done multiple family sessions for us and each time she blows me away. Her work is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the raw real moments she’s able to capture. She has such a sweet soul that makes taking family pictures a breeze!

- Kylie

Jaela is an absolute master at taking newborn photos. Every photo was unique and of the highest quality. The experience of watching her work with my baby was so special. She was so patient and gentle with my baby, demonstrating her skill and expertise. I look forward to future photos with Jaela!

- Meagan

She was outstanding with my whole family, my daughters adored her and she kept up with my step son! If you’re looking for a photographer that exceeds your expectations in every way, shape and form, Jaela is your gal!

- Skye