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Hey, photographers!!!

Are you ready to book your dream clients, build lifelong connections and say HELL NO to burnout?

Learn how to Arrive & Thrive by creating a client experience that has dream clients knocking on your door!

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The Arrive to
Thrive Mastermind

You waste hours editing sessions that just don’t do it for you. You’re tired of the imbalance between work and life. You feel the burnout creeping in. You’re pressured to book all inquiries not only to pay the bills but to also have content to share. You know you have what it takes but you just feel stuck as… well, you know.

Sound familiar? If you are reading this and thinking “yep, yep, oh shit girl, that’s totally me!”, then you are in the right place! I have news for you, you DO NOT need to sell your soul for a payday.

Let me guess...


You know it's possible. Your social feeds are full of photographers out there who seem to know exactly what it takes to book their dream clients. They boast about being fully booked and thriving on a 6 figure business. They constantly have breathtaking portraits to share on their feed. They look happy as hell and beyond fulfilled.

Well, imagine  IF    you…

+ felt confident AF to book only the sessions that lit a fire within your soul.

this and so much more

+ felt like you had finally arrived and those dream inquiries were rolling right on in.

+ knew how to attract those ideal clients and how to build authentic connections with them.

+ cracked the damn code, you freaking got it, all while having a hype chick cheering you on, every step of the way!

+ grew your business to 6 figures just by doing what you truly love

Girlfriend, I see you! 

I know this industry can be hard AF!

You’re wearing all the damn hats. CEO, yep that's you. Creative design, oh hi! Social strategist, marketing pro, website builder, the list goes on and on. Here’s the thing though, bringing in your dream client doesn’t have to be rocket science. There are real, solid, and proven steps to help you get there.

Let’s figure this shit out and bring in those clients you dream about. Let’s create a solid business you are proud of and happy as hell to show up for! It’s your time, time to arrive, and time to thrive!

The Arrive to Thrive Mastermind is a 6-week coaching program created specifically for family and newborn photographers who want to book their dream clients, build authentic connections and say HELL NO to burnout by finally shooting what they love!

What sets your soul on fire?

This Coaching program is for you if you want to learn how to :

  • represent your business authentically and have a strong brand that speaks to your people ie those dream clients

  • begin niching down so that you can finally shoot the sessions that fill your cup

  • market to those dream clients effectively

  • build an experience clients rave about. In turn, providing you with a word of mouth business and endless referrals

  • connect with your clients and tell their story through beautiful, emotional imagery (time to say goodbye to forgetting poses mid-session)

  • balance it all and avoid unnecessary burnout

I want this!

Time to spill the tea baby! 

  • Consistent access to me for all your questions!

  • Weekly Lessons helping you to dig deep and create a brand that draws clients in.

  • 5 One on one coaching calls to discuss lessons, ask questions, and dig even deeper!

  • 3 assignments to help you elevate your business.

  • 2 challenges to get you out of your comfort zone.

  • Instagram and Website Audit.

  • SEO checklist & keyword worksheet.

  • 5 Family session fail proof prompts.

  • Cost of doing business worksheet (time to price for profit my friend!).

  • Discounted resources and templates.

  • My proven roadmap that helped me stop taking all those sessions which would leave me feeling drained and move forward only booking my dream sessions, doing so consistently while making 6 figures. (Woohoo!)

What’s Included?


Modules and Lessons

  • Designed to take you through every step of setting up a business that truly attracts your dream clients

5 One on one Coaching Calls

  • Because this is so much more than an online course you purchase and then forget about. This is weekly support, touch points and accountability. I am all about connection here!

Your New Number One Hype Chick

  • I am not even kidding. I want to see you succeed! You deserve this! We all do and there is more than enough to go around.


Let’s Break it all Down Babe! Time to get to the nitty gritty.

The Investment

I’m ready to book my dream clients, build lifelong connections, a sustainable AF business and avoid the dreaded burnout. Hell Yeah, you are!

Pay in Full: $2100

Pay in full bonus: one 30 min 1:1 coaching call prior to getting started with the modules to get a more personalized experience to exactly where you are at in your business.

Payment plans are available.

Jaela, your new bestie


Hello, from the gal behind your coaching program. After a few years of trying to figure this industry out on my own, feeling deflated and beyond overwhelmed, I finally took the necessary steps to make sure I didn’t give up on my dreams. More importantly I didn’t want to continue barely coasting by and feeling burned TF out. I was tired of watching other photographers book their dream clients, post amazing, emotionally riveting images and living the life I knew I could as well. 

I finally invested in my business through mentorships, courses, guides and workshops. OMG, this was just what I needed. I believe mentors and coaches are worth their weight in gold and I will continue to invest in my business and myself for years to come. The support these types of investments provide and the reflection it takes to engage, helped me to build my business like a real deal 6 figure earner!!!! That’s when it all changed and I was able to only book the clients that spoke to my soul and run a sustainable business while doing so. I HAD ARRIVED! I want this for you too!

Photographer, Coach, Mama, hoop earring fanatic & 90’s hip hop chick!
Dat’s me babe.

Are you ready to Arrive & Thrive?

The truth is you can continue coasting by and booking everything that lands in your inbox. You can likely do that for years but eventually, the burnout will be so paralyzing that you will have wished you had done this SO MUCH sooner. Waiting NEVER moves the needle. Waiting will NOT push your business forward. Waiting is NOT likely to get you earning those 6 figures. Don’t continue serving clients who don’t do it for you. People are intuitive; they know if your heart's not in it. It’s time to have clients raving about what you provide for them. Time to build your business up with positive referrals and word of mouth. Time your business has the reputation it deserves. Time to be so damn proud of what you offer you can't help but brag about it too.


Join the waitlist today.

You know damn well you want more or else you wouldn’t be here, but… are you ready for it? Will you take that step? Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and work for your desires?

Now is the time to go after what you want. This coaching program is your tailored support and roadmap to booking your dream clients and showing off the badass business you worked so hard for!

Your dream clients are within reach, don’t let fear hold you back.