Family & Maternity 

The good ol days… the days where our baby slept in our arms for hours upon hours or our toddlers were running circles around us? Where we felt exhausted but more fulfilled than any other time in our lives? The days that we wish we could get back and relive over and over again? I want those days for you! I want your time with me to be real and true of the life you are living. The magic we create is meant to transport you back to them good ol’ days while giving you allllllll the feels.

 We will play, run, and explore new places!

When I’m behind the lens

We will schedule your session date and styling appointment. Let's play dress up! Are you more of a casual person? I get that because I am too. Heck the only time I dress up is for my own family photos. Which makes me feel like a freaking bombshell and I want that for you! Remember this is your time to shine. You get access to my carefully curated client closet. The items I have go hand in hand with my editing style. You are investing in memories with me because my work spoke to you and a HUGE part of my art is the wardrobe. Trust the process and take advantage of your styling appointment.

Shortly before our adventure together you will get to know me while I get to learn about you and the moments that make your heart skip a beat. 

We will meet at our designated location prior to sunset. I will have all the wardrobe/accessory items you have picked out and If dad needs a cold one I will bring that too, shit the man deserves a reward for putting up with my crazy ass during our session. HAHA.

Let’s do the damn thing! 

Don’t worry you will get tips from me on how to successfully have a storytelling session!

If you can check all these boxes then the stars have aligned and it's our time!!!

You are unapologetically you and embrace the chaos!

You are good with getting dirty. Kid scuffed up their tights in the parking lot just before our shoot? Oh well that's life mama. 

You are spontaneous and up for anything. Getting in the water? No biggie! Hair blowing in the wind, bring it! A blur to your portrait because it was a real moment that took place in real time, that’s fine! Again this is about authenticity not perfection!


Family or Maternity Experience

After Booking

Session Prep

Session Day

Making the magic

Chaotic moments and tender memories… I’m here for em’!

Ahhhhh hellllll yeeaahh… These are my jam!!

I don't really consider myself a photographer. Forcing everyone to stand still and smile directly at me… I’m cringing just thinking about it. I consider myself a storyteller. I focus on the moments, the love, the embrace, the mess, the chaos.

All family and maternity sessions are shot in a story telling, lightly prompted style. Allowing me to capture you as you are. Be prepared to snuggle, laugh and explore. If you see my art and it makes you FEEL, like really FEEL something, then don’t let another second go by without showcasing your story with me!!  

Sunset Maternity, Motherhood & Family Sessions

Let’s create memories together!

  • Outdoor collections start at $825
  • A chance to tell your story, I will share mine and ask for yours. This allows me to get to know you and what makes your family so very special.

  • Full access to my meticulously curated Client Closet and styling help.

  • 30 min styling appointment prior to session.

  • Session near sunset timing.

Collection & Investment Details:

Rumor has it… 


Jaela has done multiple family sessions for us and each time she blows me away. Her work is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the raw real moments she’s able to capture. She has such a sweet soul that makes taking family pictures a breeze!

- Kylie

Jaela is an absolute master at taking newborn photos. Every photo was unique and of the highest quality. The experience of watching her work with my baby was so special. She was so patient and gentle with my baby, demonstrating her skill and expertise. I look forward to future photos with Jaela!

- Meagan

She was outstanding with my whole family, my daughters adored her and she kept up with my step son! If you’re looking for a photographer that exceeds your expectations in every way, shape and form, Jaela is your gal!

- Skye