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April 20, 2020

Taylee kills the modeling gig!

So one magical day, princess Taylee made this rare appearance into the living room and out of her bedroom. You know that room that she spends about 22 hours of her day in? Anyway, she came with a big announcement. She said while browsing my Instagram (she’s new to the app, don’t bother following her creepers because unless I approve it, it’s not going to happen m’kay).

“Mom, do you know how far down your feed I had to scroll to find pictures of me?!” I laughed and replied “Well if you ever let me take pictures of you then that might be a different story.” and so began the planning process!

She decided it was time for a stylized shoot. She wanted a flowy skirt matched with some type of off the shoulder shirt. She decided on dramatic makeup done by The Shape Snob who rocks the glam game. Taylee also wished for a moody winter wonderland feel. Well check her out because she killed the modeling gig!


Yeah, I know my daughter is breathtakingly stunning!!!!


She said she much prefers the images where she is just staring straight faced like these:


however, as her mom these are my faves (she’s going to kill me!)


Sorry for the embarrassment Taylee but smiling, glaring, RBF or catching snow flakes on your tongue… its all beautiful when it includes you!


  1. Debbie says:

    Speechless…Please make her stop growing up. Beautiful.

  2. Debbie says:

    I hear ya. In my mind your still 9 years old. lol

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