April 26, 2020

Covid-19 Safety Policies

As you know we at Jaela B. take our safety and yours very serious. I understand the worries and concerns of keeping our loved ones safe and I am going to be honest with you. In the midst of this pandemic I actually recommend that we stick to outdoor sessions until we know more but for those that just can’t wait I have worked hard on my safety policies and have found a way to space sessions out to ensure I have time to do all I can to keep us safe too!

Today after fully sanitizing and cleaning the studio I also took the time to update our sick policy as well as procedures and will be requiring clients to review, initial and sign important details prior to their session from now until the foreseeable future (maybe even forever!)

Below I have attached the basics but rest assure if you book with me we will go over this thoroughly.

Let me know what you think. Is there anything you wish you saw here that is not? Regardless, be safe, stay well and smile often!

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