May 7, 2020

Just in time for Mother’s Day!

Holy smokes this has been a thought that came to me randomly, built upon, tweeked, set aside and now it is finally coming to fruition!!! So what is it? Jaela B. Photography’s new Motherhood Collection!!! Okay, great, so… what does that mean?

Well as a mother I truly believe moms are some of the most selfless and strong beings in existence! (Don’t worry dads you’re awesome too and I have not forgotten about you but get in line and wait your turn because this here is about the mama’s). My new motherhood collection is a mini session focused on capturing the love and bond between mom and child (or children!). What’s better? Grandmas are moms too and this can also be used for a grandmother to get pictures with her grandchildren! Whaaaat?! How cool would it be to gift grandma with a session to capture her love with her grand babies?! I can’t think of anything better to be honest. Now as I mentioned these are between mom and child so they are not to replace family portraits but they will be more affordable than a family session and such a great way to ensure moms are also seen in priceless heirloom portraits with their babies because, let’s be real many times it’s the mama’s behind the camera and I think it’s about time we get front and center and show off that connection with our babes! (I did this with my boy and I could not be happier that we took the time to capture our love!)


No matter who you are, and no matter when your motherhood begins, you have a story worth capturing, and that’s just what the motherhood collection will accomplish!


Once you’re a mother, you’re one for life, no matter how far away your children are. Capturing these special moments no matter their age it’s invaluable, because our time goes by so fast, as any mom can attest. I understand deeply that the pictures that come from your motherhood session are precious, and that they will only become more valuable over time.


In these sessions I will strive towards authenticity, deep connections, and simplicity. Photography gives me a unique opportunity to hear your stories, and highlight what makes your love so incredibly special!


Alright now let’s get to the nitty gritty. These sessions are mini’s but they are offered year round!!! Whoop Whoop. They are $200 ($50 due at booking, remaining $150 due the day of your session). These are the perfect birthday gifts for moms, anniversary gifts, mother’s day gifts or a just because you rock our world and we love you gift!!!! E-gift cards can be delivered quickly for those last minute gifts too! (The first 2 individuals to mention they saw it on the blog and book a motherhood collection will get a $25 discount so hurry hurry and book today and let me know you saw it here)!




  1. Love this idea! May have to book!

  2. Tiffany Woods says:

    You are a brilliant artist. I’m beyond lucky that you are the one that captures my family’s forever moments!!!!

  3. Debbie says:

    OH MY HEART. I love these so much Jaela. I see alot of your Mama in your face! Breathtaking!

    • Debbie says:

      PS It is mothers day and I would love to see some of these hanging on my wall…just saying

      • Jaela says:

        It’s only dase and I though, I really want some with Tay too but she wasn’t in the mood haha. If you have some faves let me know though!

    • Jaela says:

      I couldn’t agree more, I feel like the older I get the more like her I look. I looove these too!

      • Debbie says:

        I always thought she looked like Stevie Nicks! So there you have it!

        • Debbie says:

          Such a great thing to do with your Mother, the one thing I WISH I had more of is pictures of My Mom and me. Everybody should do this! PS my mom would have flipped over these.

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