June 27, 2022

Must Have Prompts For a Fun Family Session

If you want to book clients who keep coming back for more, the key is to capture authentic family sessions that are FUN! When clients have fun during their session, you make them feel comfortable and take the pressure off to “perform” for their family photos. Fun ensures that the kiddos don’t even realize they are taking family pictures (which is a win for you AND mom!).

But how do you create a fun environment for a family session? Download my FREE printable to use during your session! I share the Must Have Prompts For a Fun Family Session so you can start creating beautiful, candid moments for your clients.

Here are the must have prompts that will leave your clients talking about how much fun they had working with you:

5 Prompts For A Fun Family Session

  1. Family Snuggles 

This is a wonderful pose to get the family prepped for interacting with one another instead of smiling at you! Lay down a blanket and have Dad sit first. Arrange the family around Dad. Prompt parents to snuggle their babies, TICKLE THEM and tell silly jokes.

  1. Blanket Swing 

Have parents hold the ends of a blanket. The blanket needs to be sturdy and not stretchy. Set the child on the blanket and prompt parents to gently swing their child.

  1. Under the Blanket

Have the parents hold the ends of the blanket. Tell Mom and Dad to wave the blanket up and down. (Like a giant parachute) Prep the kiddos by having fun and running under the blanket a few times with them! Hype them up, giggle away and get them excited! Then count them down for their independent runs.

  1. In the Air 

Have Dad play with the youngest child, holding them up then bringing them down for kisses. Mom can look up and play peek-a-boo or can be kneeling down interacting with the other kiddos! Tickles for the win!

  1. Follow the Leader 

Have a kiddo lead the pack all while holding hands. Bonus points for teaching the leader how to snake the family around in different patterns. BE SURE TO TELL THE FAMILY TO LOOK AND INTERACT WITH ONE ANOTHER.

There you have it! Five must have prompts to use at your next family session! If you don’t want to forget these prompts, download my free printable to review before your sessions. Creating family sessions that are FUN will have your clients coming back for more! Letting families play together and be themselves creates some of the most beautiful raw and genuine moments.

Grab the freebie and follow along for more tips in the link below!

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